Daily Planning Set 2.0

Congratulations (and thank you!)

As one of my first 10 customers, I thought it would be helpful to let you know what your order will include.

Before I launch into the contents of your order and how you might use them, please keep in mind that there is no right way to use this magnetic board and tile set. And pretty much anything you want to share about your experience, we want to hear.

Large Box

Your TACTiLED Daily Planning Board:
  • This is an Ikea board that has been hand-wrapped with dry-erase vinyl by a local Portland, Oregon print company.
The small dry erase board Could be used for:
  • Filling out tiles before placing them on the daily planning board
  • Cleaning tiles off as a batch
  • Jotting down ideas or tasks that arise during the day and may eventually go onto a tile
magnetic photo sleeve
  • This is a pocket to provide a spot on the board for any stray thoughts or tasks you jotted down on a slip of pape
84 Magnetic Tiles
  • 12 white half-inch task tiles
  • 6 half-inch and 6 one-inch colored time tiles in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black

Of course, these can be used interchangeably and for any purpose (with or without a daily schedule).

We do carry a handful of other colors (gray, dark blue, dark green), so depending on how you end up using these tiles, know there are options to custom order just tiles in a variety of colors.

Small Box

Tiles Storage
  • A bamboo storage box for the tiles, markers, small microfiber cloth and small spray bottle
  • A plastic storage box (bonus to be used however you’d like)
  • One chalk marker (this is my preferred way of writing on the tiles). It does work but the first time you use it, you will have to hold the tip down for a surprisingly long time.
  • One wet-erase marker. Our acrylic supplier told us that dry erase will cause ghosting on the tiles over time. We have used dry erase on the tiles without an issue but have not done enough testing to ensure it won’t damage the tiles over time.
  • A small bottle of TACTiLED cleaning spray (fits in your bamboo holder!
  • A larger bottle of TACTiLED cleaning spray (bonus) – we’re kind of curious which you prefer/use more frequently. The spray is eco-friendly scented cleaner mixed with water to enrich your experience. However, all you need is a damp cloth to clean the tile off. Do not use glass cleaner, ammonia or rubbing alcohol on the tiles.
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You are an early-adopter. This means a number of things…

  1. You may get some extras that were not pictured in the product listing.
  2. We are looking to you to provide honest, candid feedback on the product.
  3. If there are things in this set you don’t use or totally love, we want to hear about it.
  4. If you have an idea for how to make it better or different uses, please share.
  5. If you are wondering if we will give you free stuff in exchange for feedback, the answer is TOTALLY. You are like part of the family now so if you want to be more involved in making this product everything it could be, then let us know what you need more of. More tiles? A different template printed on a magnetic board? An accountability buddy? We’re excited to figure out what makes this helpful and pleasant for you. If you don’t use it, that’s okay, but we’d love to know why or what you think caused you to not use it.
  6. Despite the fact that we are shipping heavy boxes filled with plastic and magnets across the country, we care very much about the environment. Our hope is that this product will not only last for a very long time, but it will also empower you to do more of the things you want to do in your life. And if our experience is representative of how others will feel about this product, then figuring out how to make an eco-friendly solution that is still a pleasure to use is right around the corner.

You can read the story behind the idea here and you can order or reserve your TACTiLED planning board here. Please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form if you have any questions or ideas you wish to share.